Chlorophyllum rhacodes

Shaggy Parasol

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Introducing the Shaggy Parasol

Shaggy Parasol is the common name for three closely related species: Chlorophyllum rachodes, C. olivieri, and C. brunneum, found in North America, Europe, and Southern Africa.

The Shaggy Parasol was one of the first edible wild mushrooms I identified with the help of a much more accomplished forager than I.

It has an “exceptionally strong, nutty flavor… for best and safest results, fry on high heat in an open pan.”, from Mushroom Demystified by David Arora.

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In the Wild

The Shaggy Parasol starts out with a small, oval-ish, marshmallow-shaped pale- to reddish-brown blob, which breaks up into shaggy scales as the cap expands with a white background.

Usually found in groups or rings on the ground under conifer trees and bushes, in gardens and compost piles and disturbed areas.

It is an excellent edible, but has a poisonous lookalike (Chlorophyllum molybdites) with green spores, so best to identify it with an experienced friend. Some people have gastric upset reactions to eating this mushroom.

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