Sometimes you find the piece. Sometimes the piece finds you.

She found me working at the cafe. After many visits, short conversations and learning that I made jewellery, she came in one day with a small box full of treasures.

Sand Dollar wrapped in Copper

“See what you can make of these,” she said.

White Shell Fragment wrapped in copper

So I did.

Small shell, wrapped in copper

Of course, each piece carried its own special meaning.

I tried to accentuate this meaning with the designs.

Sea Glass Spiral

Spirals are always fun, and hold particular symbolism to me.

The tides wearing down the sharpness of this broken glass is as the spiral, which shows us moving on past that which has harmed us. While the hurt may not completely fade away, our perspective on what happened changes. Perhaps it helped shape us into a thing of beauty.

All wrapped up and ready to go.

Like what you see?

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