6mm Stone Bead


Do you want to customize your piece?

Here are the available 6mm stone bead options. More or less reflective of what I have available.

See also the 4mm stone bead options.

Images (hopefully) coming soon!

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Botswana Agate, Agate, Druzy Orange, Amethyst, matte, Apatite, Carnelian (A grade), Carnelian, matte, Citrine, whiskey, Garnet, matte, Hematite, magnetic, Jade, Canadian, Jade, white, Jasper, Australian butter, Jasper, Mookaite, matte, Jasper, picasso, Jasper, red, Jasper, impression, Jasper, white laced, Labradorite (AAA grade), Moonstone, peach, matte, Onyx, black banded, Sardonyx, matte, Opal, African green, Opal, fire, Quartz, blue banded rutilated, Quartz, black cherry, Quartz, rutilated, Quartz, tourmalinated, Quartz, rutile, Rose Quartz, Rhyolite, Sodalite, Sodalite, matte, Tiger Eye, matte, Tiger Eye, Tiger Eye (Extra Grade), Unakite


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