Hawthorn Leaf Copper Earrings


These handmade, hammered copper Hawthorn Leaf earrings are made with mixed Rutilated Quartz stone beads and Sterling Silver ear wire.

The Hawthorn is a symbol of love and protection.

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Stone: Carnelian

Metal: Copper

Ear Wire: Sterling Silver

Note: As this item is handmade, the item you receive may have slight variations. Especially with the Mixed Rutilated Quartz, there are many colours that come on those stone bead strands.

The Hawthorn (latin: Crataegus monogyna) is one of the most sacred trees in Celtic mythology. She produces thick, thorny foliage, creating a safe space for birds and other creatures to make their home. She is known for her longevity – living up to 400 years!

Her limbs are covered in tiny white flower clusters in early spring, which mature into her fruit – the haw. The haw is food for much wildlife, and humans use it as well in jams, syrups, wines, flavour for brandy, and in herbalism. Her leaves can also be eaten, and have a nutty flavour.

One of the ancient triad of 'Oak, Ash, and Thorn', when all three were present, so, too, were the faeries.

The Hawthorn is a symbol of love and protection.

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