Rowan Leaflet Copper Earrings


These handmade, hammered copper Rowan Leaflet earrings are made with Moonstone chip stone beads and Sterling Silver ear wire.

The Rowan tree symbolizes courage, wisdom, and protection.

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Stone: Aquamarine

Metal: Copper

Ear Wire: Sterling Silver

Note: As this item is handmade, the item you receive may have slight variations.

The Rowan tree, also known as Mountain Ash or Quickbeam (latin: Sorbus spp.. ) are small trees native throughout the cool, temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The wood is dense, strong, and resilient; often used for carving or walking sticks.

In Celtic mythology, the Rowan was the Tree of Life.

In Norse mythology, a Rowan tree bends over a fast-flowing river to rescue Thor from being swept away to the underworld.

Other species of note: Sitka Mountain Ash (latin: Sorbus sitchensis), native to the Pacific Northwest.

The Rowan tree symbolizes courage, wisdom, and protection.

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