Amanita muscaria Mushroom – Copper Earrings


This cute-as-a-button mushroom is quite eye catching with its brilliant red cap with white specks smattered around.

Hammered copper earrings with Carnelian and White Jade stone beads and Sterling Silver ear wire.

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Amanita muscaria pops up in the woodlands and forests of coniferous (pine, spruce, fir) and deciduous (birch and aspen) alike, on her own, with a few friends, or ‘dancing’ in faerie rings – her bright red cap a signal for mushroom hunters to be on the lookout for her tasty companion Boletus edulus, who often lives nearby.

She also has made quite the impression on our culture, making in a cameo in familiar favourites such as Alice in Wonderland or Super Mario Brothers, classic faerie paintings or the Smurfs; or as a plastic incarnation in your neighbour’s patio garden.

Read the write up on Amanita for more information.

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