Willow Leaflet Copper Earrings


These handmade, hammered copper Willow Leaflet earrings are made with mixed Rutilated Quartz stone beads and Sterling Silver ear wire.

The Willow Tree symbolizes flexibility, adaptability, and resilience.

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Stone: Mixed Rutilated Quartz
Metal: Copper
Ear Wire: Sterling Silver

Note: As this item is handmade, the item you receive may have slight variations. Especially with the Mixed Rutilated Quartz, there are many colours that come on those stone bead strands.

The Willow Tree (latin: Salix) is a robust, resilient tree species. She lives on the edge of riverbeds and in wetlands – she likes to get her feet wet. Her willowy limbs reach up to the sky in vivid colours of deep purple or mustard yellow in the late winter.

Willows can be easily tamed to be the base for living fences – stakes stuck in the ground quite easily take root to start a new tree. The flexible branches are also used in basketry and wattle work.

The Willow Tree symbolizes flexibility, adaptability, and resilience.

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